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How to fix Laptop stuck on shutting down screen windows 10

laptop stuck on shutting down

I know everybody experienced this kind of windows problems which we want to get rid off. We immediately run off to the internet to search for any tutorials on how to fix this matter? Though some of their tutorials don't seem to work. This strategy which I will be going to share with you is very effective for anyone who's facing the same issues with mine.

When you are about to open your laptop/desktop and it keeps on showing shutting down, just press the power button and hold it until your laptop/desktop will switch off. Then turn on your laptop/desktop and it will open now. You can't see any SHUTTING DOWN error anymore with this method.

Computer failures always show up if you are abusing or not being careful about using your gadgets. So you must handle it with concern enable to keep it good and functional.

If ever this case will arise anytime, just ask any help from technicians or find answers on the internet.

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  1. Thanks for the helpful advice. Technology can be such a hassle sometimes!