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Fenty beauty foundation review

FENTY BEAUTY BY RIHANNA Pro Filt'r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation

Have you already heard this latest foundation of RIHANNA? If not, well I am here to introduced it to you personally with the best explanation if I have those big words on my mouth. I am just joking my friend! 

This new formula makes everyone go crazy when they found out that Rihanna created a foundation for both girls who had a different kind of skin type. This is much appreciated to us because they give us what we really needed.

Apparently, this is not the only color of foundation that Rihanna brought out to the market but there's a lot more. I just choose this shade because I think it suits me well for my skin.

I struggled a lot in finding the best and most infinite foundation for myself but when Rihanna released this Fenty Beauty foundation, I'm kind of little bit curious of her make-up products since she got a positive rating from the people who already purchased her cosmetics.

This foundation is quite impressive from the package down to the main point of this review. It is not just an ordinary foundation but seems a magical portion for us make-up lovers. The way the liquid was made and how it blends really well, it's absolutely stunning.

Whether it rain or shine, the coverage is still in there without losing the perfect look you had in the first stage of applying. It is very smooth to touch, lightweight and shines like a crystal.

I am satisfied with the result and I will be loving it more since I'm addicted to it every now and then.

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