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Getting your website to the top of google(easy tricks)

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I've read so many articles online regarding how to get a higher ranking in Google search engine and luckily some of them really helped me make it to the exact position where I want to be committed. You can acquire those results without paying any cents by using your creative talent.

One of that is by doing research about a specific topic and recognizing the issues of your website/blog. When you already captured the possible solution in your case then you may try to apply it into your work since it doesn't cause any big trouble for your craft.  And I know when you get failed there's still room for improvement since you'll learn from your past work.

But here are my crazy easy tricks to get a better ranking in Google right away.

1) Use GMETRIX  to scan your website for any critical issues.
2) Resolve those issues by removing any unnecessary codes into your website.
3) Avoid redirecting your site from any programs on the internet.
4) Don't put too many ads on your website.
5) Write content that will catch the eye of your visitors.
6) Share your content with your social media account.
7) Get free backlinks and traffic by using Linkcollider.
8) Use also Semrush to get those highly targeted keywords for your blog content.
9)Buy a popular and legit cheap domain in Dynadot if you don't have one yet.
10) Buy a highly optimized cheap but gorgeous template both in desktop and mobile. Just click Blogger Template if you are a Blogger user and for Wordpress Template if you are a user of Wordpress or Wix Template if you are a user of Wix.
11) Compressed HTML codes by using HTML compressor.
12) Always make a post every day to make your visitors/subscribers excite.
13)Monitor your SEO and website speed in order to stay updated on the current happenings of your website.
15) Use Google Analytics to track your website traffic and also see what you can do more to improve your rankings.
16)Compressed the size of your photo by using TinyPNG and don't forget to put a photo name on ALT properties.

These are just the ways that I applied to my website where I get the amazing result for a couple of months by using these tricks. I get a better SEO and a faster loading of website speed. My website got rank now in Alexa and I'm pretty sure you will arrive in that corner too.