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Does google adsense auto ad codes can boost earnings?

google adsense auto ad codes

Struggling with low earnings in Google Adsense is a tough kind of work. I've been through with that kind of situation and I knew it's not just a kind of simple problem to look for a childlike resolution.
Having small traffic on your website can really make your Google earnings dropped. 

Before joining any monetizing program, be sure to have converted high traffic and a great SEO in order to rank good in Google as well as in other big search engines operators. When you have that high traffic then there's a stroke of prominent luck to earn more in Google Adsense.

I have been using Google Adsense for a past few months and I noticed this Auto ad Codes that are located in Optimization that Labs property belongs. If you click the Labs, you'll see the Auto Ad Codes where it stated that it can boost your revenue.

Promising right?  In order to enable the Auto Ad Codes, just drag the small white button to the right side corner and get the code. Add it to the <head> of your website then the Google Adsense will automatically run the test. You will see the positive or negative impact on your ads when it's done.

As for my case, I tried it on my website for at least five days and the result was truly heartbreaking because I lost my earnings to 35% if I am not wrong with my computation. Auto Ad Code also affect the speed of my website!

> Though my website is still young and needs a lot of improvement still I choose to take a trial in order to experience its related field. Don't be afraid to test it into your website since you can disable it automatically if it won't work well for you.

Not all users encountered this kind of situation since they put extraordinary tricks to get those incredible result. And by means of that, I am still recognizing the best tricks to follow in order to acquire a good effect on my hard work.

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