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Call out for corrupt agencies in the Philippines

corrupt people

Issues are still remained issues, one by one complaint but seem problems are still stuck and ongoing.
How could you get this into your nerves when these people are working and you didn't pay them enough?
Mind as well as their monthly government contributions for SSS, Philhealth, and Pag-big.
Whenever they checked it out sometimes it lacks or maybe doesn't have any cents on it.
And you "hungry of fortune" didn't mind to share your part too.

Yes, you are the one who managed them and provide them the work but you don't have the right
to purloined the other's money.
Why build a company if you want just to play dirty?
You'll never rise and will never accomplish something.
Secrets can't be hidden forever and that will make you fall.
A fall that you can't be recovered like you dig your own grave from the ground.

It just better to stay put and calm rather than to have a flashy mind but full of filthy thoughts
Scumbag agencies like your's won't succeed, put that into your mind
My English is nothing much difference with your cheating games
But I hope someone will capture that fish and burned on the heat

Playing with words is fun and I don't regret it even once
Calling's from innocent people who are still weeping and needing are much important
They are the roots of the trees, that's why your company is alive and kicking
Without them your nothing but a poor chick who doesn't have a portion of food to eat.

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