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Mahershala Ali will play the role "Blade" movie

Mahershala Ali pic

On Saturday, Marvel announced the shocking information about the next phase of the Marvel Cinematic for last that was being held in the area of Comic-Con International in San Diego.

Mahershala Ali gets chosen to play the role of "Blade" for the upcoming Marvel Cinematic which was formerly acted by Wesley Snipes on yesteryear of its released.

Ali was very happy after revealing the news to everyone and he was proud to be the new actor in the "Blade" movie. He even wears a hat just so you know, he's ready for his new character. He was given a heroes welcome and that's for sure is one of the remarkable times for him.

Blade film is one of the fictional characters in Marvel Universe that is half-human and half-vampire. The main destination of its role is to track down the non-living creatures.

If you don't know who's Ali is then amazed at him because he is an award-winning actor in this new era.

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