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How to Start Blogging?


Fortunately, blogging is a hobby that you can't put into ease of work. Why? Because it costs so much time and effort in building a foundation for your blog especially if you are new to this subject. This is not a kind of game that you can immediately leave without doing anything. You must have to cultivate the important matter in order to gain the growth that leads you to the word "accomplishment".

I bet you understand what I meant for because your that clever person that I know. Before starting in establishing your blog for the first time you should recognize these pros and cons.


  • Opportunity
  • Fame
  • Money
  • No Boss
  • No Time Limit
  • Work in any space


  • Need SEO Optimization
  • Build Backlinks
  • Takes so much time to earn money
  • Need high-traffic
  • Need to purchase a domain and hosting

Yeah, I think I already listed the most important words that you must know personally for you to be aware of. Alright! Let's start now. If you want a free blogging platform so go-ahead to the BLOGGER platform.


Blogger is free and doesn't cost anything which most bloggers admired. All you have to do is sign-in and create your account there or maybe you can start directly by using your own Google account in signing.

They have free templates and will provide you a free subdomain which is the example look like this but if you prefer to use your own domain name so we're going to buy a new domain in BLUEHOST.

Bluehost is a kind of store where you can purchase a domain name and host for a cheap price. This is one of the most popular domain providers on the internet that has a great service for their customers.


When you finished making your blog now you have to submit your blog to all search engines like Google, Bing, Yandex, AOL, Yahoo, Ask and so much more.


You must submit a sitemap in order to get indexed in the search engine. After when you're done all of these steps then your good to go make your first post. Be sure to make your template more appealing to your visitors to get high traffic and also high-quality content. You can purchase a cheap template here!

Don't forget to optimize your blog to get a higher rank in Alexa. Used this free Search Engine Optimization tool just click here.

Enjoy your time in blogging and make it as one of your hobbies. Loved your visitors and subscribers in order to win their hearts and don't lose hope because it takes so much time before you see the better results. I advocate for you to have long-lasting patience and effort. Good luck my friend:)

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