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No to sogie bill please


Sogie bill law has been a popular topic for nowadays since the incident of the transgender woman wanting to make a "pee" in the women's cr goes viral online. These alarming issues cause us to freaked out since this transgender now is pursuing to pass the Sogie bill law into the congress which LGBTQ only will get the benefits.

Does it make sense for you? Not all LGBTQ supports this law. Even I opposed to this kind of treatment that will be given by them if this thing will pass and make its existence into our lives. This is a big NO! NO! and a threat to our country specially to our nation and future children.

Why? Because there will be more crimes of harassment for both of us and our rights also have been already broken. Not all these transgenders are good in their perspective attitudes just like us. Some of them are just cool and others are aggressive.

We don't want to confuse our future nation. We don't want to tolerate this big special treatment for them. We don't want them to rule the world. It's simple as that!!!

Yes, you are a living creature just like us straights and we are not against you. We give you the power to be who you are and we accept you whole-heartedly but don't push us to the limit.

You just want to have the power of yourself without knowing that you already stepped on someone's foot. The nation already gives you the rights and acceptance but still your not contented.

You want more? And how about us? Don't you think this Sogie bill will not affect us straights? How about our religion? Our knowledge knowing what is right and what is wrong? How about your families rights and custody?

Don't you think this thing will not give a big impact on our country? The Philippines is a conservative country and we should not replace it by means of your own happiness.

Don't sacrifice everyone just for your own damn sake. It's killing us Filipinos and hurting our dignity too. Don't ask for more! It's just too much and we can't take it anymore.

It's not fair to us! You're creating a big demand for us people to take you to the highest next level which is you already have your own crown.  You want yourself to be more prioritized rather than us girls? Oh'cmon! That's a huge big deal.

Discrimination can happen to everyone not just for the LGBTQ community. Rights? You already have that and please just accept the fact that you can't pleased everyone to like you or accept you. We both genders have that issues too so you also wanted us to create our own bill just because we are discriminated by our fellow humans?

Enough Gretchen! You're so dramatic and emotional. You want us to respect you but you didn't respect the privacy of us girls. You lied and create a big mess for our nation. You hurt someone and got lose her job for doing the right thing and obeying the policy of the mall.

How could you do that? Do you have the heart to understand what we really feel? For our rights also not to get violated by you?

Rights and understanding must LGBTQ and everyone should have that. Respect must start with your own self. Don't make us fooled with your own interest. It's so over on the heel and needs to be corrected.

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