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Hp 2 in 1 14 touch screen chromebook review

Hp 2 in 1 14 touch screen chromebook

Chromebooks are already popular nowadays like laptops it helps you do the work whether you're in school or in your office. Hp 2 in 1 14 touch screen Chromebook is more advanced and secured tools provided by the Chrome Enterprise company.

It gives us similar affairs to what we really have known about HP's laptops. Yet we really don't know what's inside of it or what's its capable of use. So were gonna dig into deeper words.

This latest Chromebook of HP is versatile and was being made just for you. They make sure that the impact of this product will change your way of expectation, on the other hand, you'll get only the best of it. Surely to say that its the most epic one I've ever acknowledged.

It's a 14 inches touch screen Chromebook with an 8GB memory up to 64GB flash memory. An intel core i3 processor for reliable streaming and surfing all over the internet. Super easy and handy with an up growing productivity of every day.

It contains innovative design which is 360-degree with a long-lasting battery of 13 hours and 30 minutes. When you go online it's secured and covers up with protections as well as back-ups so hackers can't track you down easily.

Screen size carries powerful color and a clearer view from any point of angles with a WLED backlight. A smart dual-core and high bandwidth  RAM which makes a smooth flow of usage without any interruption. Good for any mobile devices and online applications as it has a large data storage.

The high definition of video playback is also supported in this area. Built-in cloud support for secure access and easy save file data. You can also sync your devices in it and works also in offline.

It has a better quality of images since because of the Intel UHD Graphics. Lightweight and ultra-thin to attain the compact-sized grade component. A 3-cell lithium battery towards durable enjoyment. Underlying media reader for a dim-witted photo transmit. MicroSD, MicroSDHC, and Micro SDXC memory card format are accessible.

A fast internet connection and connects to your WIFI and any hotspots on the area immediately.  Take a video call with your friends and families for the webcam and microphone that are already built-in it.

Backlit keyboard, touchpad with scroll and multitouch capability are offered in this Chromebook with an additional port for microphone/headset.

                                      Hp 2 in 1 14 inches touchscreen Chromebook price- $509.99
                                       Payable in 12 months-$43.00 per month through PayPal credit
                                                                         Buy now!!!

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