I dreamed "Jesus" true story confession

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I was in a first-year high school when this unforgettable dreamed have come around in my life. I am a 100% devoted Roman Catholic and I proclaim Jesus as my one only God as well as my greatest savior. He's the best in all aspects and I won't forget that day when he touches my heart and soul.

This is a true experienced story of mine and I just want to share with you how my dream changed me in a lot of things.

Back in the year 2007, I was 12 years old at that time and I go to church every Sunday and sung him preachers songs. It's very clear to me as until now that I am 24 years old and growing not so-called active anymore in church but still I always pray for him and thanked him for everything that he's done to me.

That night I remembered that I was studying and preparing for my exam the next day. I was so excited for tomorrow since I recited all the possible tests that will come out for our test. After when I'm done doing those pieces of stuff I prayed and got fallen asleep right away. Then the dream came and then it all started with these.....

Twa's like a children's dreams and not that serious one but I can't get over with it till right now it's on my mind and still lingering on.

I saw myself leaving the earth way back then. Seems like I was flying and I smiled at those unknown persons and bidding goodbye to them. Then I came out in a dark and I saw boiling water that is super hot like the fire on hell and I felt like my skin is getting burned. It was like a dark room for me which has a fire on it and that is formed like a cave... I don't know!

Then a man came from nowhere dressed in long white clothes with golden long hair. He spoke to me and told me that "I don't belong here"! He said also that it was the HELL. But I don't see any souls out there, it was just me and Him.

I don't feel scared at all since I know that it was just a dream. I want you to know that when I got to fall asleep much deeper, my mind is still working and functioning.

Back to the story, We went to another like the room but I don't see any passage or way. It's like automatic and dang! It's like a room full of happiness. The walls are all white and I saw many kids and elders wearing all white clothes. Their faces are not familiar to me, they're like Americans or Europeans, etc. There were people who are singing a song and a boy who played the drum. I saw kids running on the front and an older woman who sat at the center who seems like discussing something. I asked the girl whom I sit beside and she told me that it was Mama Mary.

Her face seems familiar to me that I already saw her on TV or in movies. She's like wearing a like nun clothing's but it's all in white. And were like talking etc...

After a couple of minutes, the man who appears from somewhere who brought me in this all-white place told me that I should go with him. His face? I can't see his face! But one thing for sure that he loves me very well. He's like a sparkling diamond for me. Though I can't see him well since he has a bright shining face which typically the brightest one. He brought me on the other side, he showed me like a crystal small ball. He told me that it was the earth and explained to me that something that I don't remember at all but the last words that I don't forget when he said to me that "I should go back now and that it's not really my time as well as I still have a mission to do so".

After that, I woke up and it's late up in the morning. My world seems like black-out! I can't remember that well! I can't clearly saw faces and my environment. I was crying when I told them that I had a strange dream and that they won't listen to me. They didn't care to me even in a single thing.

 It was the day of my exam and when I go to school seems like my classmates were strangers to me. Only a few names of my classmates were I only remembered and I felt like I was having a mental block. When the test papers arrived, I can't read the words written on it and it's blurry. I got zero that day since I don't remember the words I studied in the past night.

It was a horrible but yet thankful experienced. If I got to compare it to something, I think it's like I'm in a coma that is waking up in a deep sleep. It took me 1 and half months to fully recovered from everything.

Every day I prayed to God hoping that I could go back for my normal feelings of life and get rid of this blurry sight. And yes he granted my wish and I come back to my senses. I fully now enjoyed being with my family after it's all done.

 I don't know what happened to me after I got to experience those dreams. It's really life-changing and hard for me to recover. If you experienced this kind of like it's hard to describe please comment here!

All I can say is God is literally true for those who didn't believe in him. He's only one and no other one! Everything he shows me typically real like there are Heaven and Hell.  And all he wants from us is acceptance and forgiveness. Please repent now and follow his will. It's not over yet. There's still time to be with him forever.

Everything we experienced now from fires, storms, hurricanes,
etc., is only the start. There's plenty more to suffer so be ready for his second coming. Everyone will see and hear him even the blinds and deaf, the rich and the poor all of us.

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