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Xbox Wireless Controller 25% off

Xbox One Wireless Controller
Xbox One Wireless Controller regular price was $69.99 and it dropped down to $51.99 when the 25% off discount applied. You save $18.00 for this item. The discount is automatically added to the product. Get another $10.00 off, just apply the promo code "YUSRT3SXNHHD8XQM" to the check-out area. The final price will just cost $41.99. This is brand new and comes up in a package with a box. International shipping is eligible for this item. The seller accepts any returns. Be the first to redeem this offer before it will expire or goes sold out soon, just visit eBay.

Product details and benefits:
-.great gameplay with different modes
-lots of replay value
- video game series
-its genre is action/adventure
-addictive game and in a wireless controller

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