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Help us fight for Covid-19 in Philippines


We are Filipinos who live in the Philippines asked for any assistance help from you guys. As we fight throughout this war, many people are being affected by the massive lockdown. Medical supplies and foods are barely in need of our country. My fellow people are suffering and even starving as the government can't provide everything to them. Our beloved President released billions of funds to give to the community but still, the other government officials who are sitting on the throne don't give us anything. Maybe they kept it in their pocket or used it on their election campaign.

The disease keeps on spreading around our country and we can't help it but stay at home since we are in lack of everything. They said that they won't die in Covid 19 but rather die in hunger. How I wish I could help them but I don't have the money to fund them. So I am writing this blog to encourage you to donate a single amount of your pocket for my fellow citizens who are the most in need right now.

Every penny you donate can save more lives especially to those in a poor state. I just can't stand my fellow people suffers like this. Please help us!!!

                                        You can help/support/donate here! Just click here!!


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    1. Exactly but I am not a scammer. I'LL JUST want to help in the way how I imagine will work for the way in order to monetize your account use google adsense men

  2. I think that everyone needs help during these hard times. I wish all of us to be strong and healthy. Boost your immunity.

  3. This situation is difficult for many residents. The requests for a help are caused by a state of emergency in the country due to the spread of the disease